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 Video Lectures

Phillips Lecture Series

  • Fanghua Lin (High | Low)
       -Lecture III: Singular perturbations and complexity of moduli spaces of solutions.
  • Fanghua Lin (High | Low)
       -Lecture II: Optimal Partitions of Eigenvalues
  • Fanghua Lin (High | Low)
       -Lecture I: Complexity and Quantum Analyticity of Solutions
  • Yasha Eliashberg (High | Low)
       -Lecture III: Differential equations arising in Symplectic Field Theory
  • Yasha Eliashberg (High | Low)
       -Lecture II: Symplectic geometry of affine complex manifolds
  • Yasha Eliashberg (High | Low)
       -Lecture I: Geometry of contact transformations: orderability vs. squeezing
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Special Lectures

  • Steven Kahn (High | Low)
       -Math Corps
  • Peter Lax (High | Low)
       -A Phragmen-Lindelof and Saint Venant principle in harmonic analysis.
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RTG Lecture Series

  • Stefano Vidussi (High | Low)
       -Symplectic 4-manifolds withh trivial canonical class
  • Gordana Matic (High | Low)
       -Open Books on 3-manifolds and contact invariants
  • Eli Grigsby (High | Low)
       -An Introduction to knot Floer homology
  • Juan Souto (High | Low)
       -Rank and Heegaard genus of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
  • Tim Perutz (High | Low)
       -Near-symplectic 4-manifolds
  • Andras Stipsicz (High | Low)
       -Contact surgery and invariants and of contact 3-manifold
  • Karsten Grove (High | Low)
       -Metric Spaces and their role in Geometry
  • John Etnyre (High | Low)
       -Legendrian Knot Theory
  • Guofang Wei (High | Low)
       -Volume comparisons and its generalizations
  • Richard Wentworth (High | Low)
       -Harmonic maps and Higgs bundles
  • De Witt Sumners (High | Low)
       -DNA Topology
  • De Witt Sumners (High | Low)
       -Calculating the secrets of life: Mathematics in biology and medicine
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